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Indytute experiences

This month we?ve added a new partner to the Amazing Days Out site. The Indytute offers wacky and unconventional experiences in London.?They have over 200 unusual experiences and you can buy them as gifts, but just as easily buy them as something to do yourself or with the family!

We?re showing all the experiences on Amazing Days Out, but we thought we?d highlight a few of our favourites!

Lollipop Masterclass

Learn the art of lollipop making! The cool things about this experience (other than being surrounded by sweet treats!)? is that there is a range of options for who to buy it for. You can buy the experience for 1, 2 or 10 adults. And also for 2 kids or 10 kids! It could be a great kids party!

Vintage China Upcycling Workshop

This looks like a relaxing workshop where you can really get creative. You don’t need to come prepared or bring anything as all the china and decorations are provided. Plus, it’s only ?20 per person so won’t break the bank.

Old City Ghost Walk

A quirky ghost tour! Lasting an hour and a half this walking tour is for up to 12 people and takes place around the old City wall. Prepared to be afraid. Be very afraid!

Hula Hoop School

Who doesn?t love to hula hoop! We love the idea of this experience, and you can buy up to 4 tickets at a time. It?s a fun way to release some of that excess energy and get silly!

Paddle your own Canoe

What is especially great with this one is that it?s self-guided. London has lots of waterways and taking a canoe is a great way to experience a different side to the city. The canoes can fit 2 or 3 people and the minimum age is 8 if accompanied by an adult.

How to book with The Indytute

When you go to The Indytute?s site you can select the experience that you want to book and choose whether to get a free e-download ticket, or a gift voucher sent in the post. If the experience is something you plan to do yourself we?d suggest opting for the e-download as it?s free. But if you?re buying as a gift for someone else getting the voucher pack posted is nice. Once you?ve bought your voucher you can book the experience for any time in the next 12 months. And if you change your mind or decide you want to do something else you can actually redeem the voucher against any of The Indytute?s experiences.

Fancy finding out more or booking an experience? Head on over to The Indytute?s site to book!

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