5 Amazing Things To Do With The Kids, for FREE!


Are you looking for some free ways to entertain the kids??We take the hard work out of planning your free family time with?our 5 amazing things to do with the kids for free.

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#1 Create an?obstacle course

Limited only by your imagination. Build your course indoors or outdoors and test your skills in a friendly family competition.

The course possibilities are truly endless, and you?can change it around for each round, becoming more challenging as the players improve their skills.

#2. Go for a walk

Grab your boots and head out to your local country park, nature reserve, woods or beach for a walk. You could include some geocaching or write down the name of your favourite bugs and furry friends and go on an animal hunt.

#3.?Enjoy some gardening fun

Gardening with kids is always great fun ? they?ll love learning about nature and they?ll most certainly love getting mucky and see the results of their work. If you have the space, why not allocate them their very own flower bed or vegetable patch and help them plan out their planting or growing.

Give them their own pot and planter and go for easy to grow, herbs and salad leaves, both are quick to grow, and most kids will enjoy sharing and eating what they have grown with the rest of the family.

#4. Make a Camp/Den

This has to be one of the most popular things to do, ever! Let your kids make a camp or a den?using old blankets and covers, cushions and maybe a few chairs for props. Perhaps you could make suse of some old cardboard boxes before they for recycling?

Or if you?re outside, gather up some sturdy sticks from the wood and use an old tarpaulin or leaves from the ground as a cover ? just be sure no to disturb any small animals that could be sleeping.

#5. Star Gazing

On a clear night, the UK has some truly amazing spots to get the kids outside for some star gazing. If you?re lucky to have a telescope handy, then all the better, but it?s not necessary. With the naked eye and right conditions, you can spot planets, countless stars, satellites and sometimes the shape of our Milky way.

Challenge each other and see if you can recognise any of the well-known constellations or maybe check out the moon. Depending on the time of year, on a clear night you might even spot a few planets!

So, there you have it, 5 amazing things to do with the kids! And best of all, they are not going to cost you a penny, only your time and maybe a few items from the shed.

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