5 Great Ideas for Memorable Snow Fun.

It’s been snowing so, if the kids are busting to get outside and you?re wondering what to do, don?t panic, we?ve got 10 great ideas for fun and games in the snow and make the most of this family time.

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Whether it?s an all-out classic snowball fight or you fancy educating the little ones on the science of volcano’s, we have tried all of these ideas ? and your kids will absolutely love them!

1) Build a Snowy Obstacle Course

Wrap up the family, head outside and build an obstacle course with the snow as the main event.

Whether in your back garden or in the park, only your imagination can hold you back, your snowy course could include: chucking snowballs at a target, shifting snow from one point to another or commando crawling through a chilly snow drift.

Next up you could include pushing and pulling your team mates on a sledge, snow angels or pirouetting on the ice. There are just so many ideas!

If you have some more amazing ideas, don?t forget to let us know what you come up with for your obstacle course in the comments below.

2) Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Can you create an awesome snowman? Or maybe you?re a wizard with ice and a chainsaw? The classic snowman is always seen with a chunky carrot for a nose, a scarf and big black buttons, but now is the time to get really creative!

Whether you decide on a classic snowman or something truly outlandish, building a snowman and spending time with the family is both fun and priceless.

3) Create an erupting snow volcano

Really, a snow volcano, are you sure? All we need for this is snow, a sprinkle of science and some lava and you have your very own, snow volcano! To make this awesome science experiment happen, you?ll need the following.

  • 2 spoonful?s of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
  • 1 spoonful washing up liquid
  • a few drops of food colouring
  • 30 ml vinegar
  • Some snow
  • A small container

Here?s what you need to do?

Add everything except the vinegar to the container. Carefully build and shape a volcano around the container using snow. Now stand back, get ready??add the vinegar and watch the eruption! Your very own ?SNOW VOLCANO?, we love science.

If it doesn?t work very well, just add a little more washing up liquid and vinegar and go again after giving it a really good stir.

4) Feed the birds

With much of the ground frozen and covered with snow, the birds aren?t able to source enough food leaving them vulnerable. If you have bird feeders at home, be sure to top up them up on a regular basis. If your out on a walk, take some seed and be sure to scatter some near trees and bushy areas and help keep our feathery friends fed.

5) Go Sledging

Of course, sledging, it?s one of the most popular things to do when it snow?s! But don?t worry if you don?t have a sledge to hand, in many parts of the UK, there is so little snow it doesn?t really warrant having one, but you can go all out A Team make your own. ?Who knew those big blue IKEA bags or the humble black bin liner would work so well?

Some other suggestions for a homemade sledge include anything with a smooth surface, this could include, the lid of a plastic storage box, a swimming pool inflatable (a ring and even a flamingo), a wheelie bin lid, or how about a surfboard!

Warm Up?Before Doing It All Over Again!

When it?s time to come in from the cold, be sure to reward yourselves (and thaw out!) with a nice big bowl of soup, a proper cup of tea, or a fortifying hot chocolate. Then get set to head out and do it all over again.



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