How To Arrange An Amazing Day Out With The Kids

Kids don?t need glamorous holidays in far-flung places to have an amazing, memorable time. If you trying to keep everyone happy but don?t have the budget or the time to take the family away on holiday, you can still organise some awesome family ?mini break? days out.

Here?s the trick, try and pick places that will stand out as a special treat.

You might decide on a destination that the kids have already been flexing their pester powers over (and that you know will fulfil expectations, remember how the kids are always going on about that one Theme Park, where they?re finally tall enough for the big scary rides.

Or, knowing your kids? current passions, you could opt for somewhere you know they will feel confident and love to bits, like the farm park that?s home to their favourite animals.

Whatever your planning, here are a few do?s and don?t to help ease the stress of keeping everyone happy.

DO choose somewhere reasonably close and convenient to get to and not a day out that requires so much travel that you?re end up with only a short time at your destination before doing it all over again. Nobody likes being stuck in the car or having to change trains 5 times

DO?book tickets early and make the most of early bird offers, online voucher codes and special offers you always see in newspapers and in cereal boxes, often this can be 50% off or a 241 deal.

DON?T?try not to do too much in one day, otherwise the whole day will feel rushed and hectic. Be sure to have time to hang about at the best bits without clock watching.

DO?set expectations. This is a must and looking forward to the day is all part of the experience but be sure not to set the bar too high and make expectations so stratospheric that in reality, however wonderful the idea, will only disappointment and grumpy kids.

Pick a day trip and make memories you?ll never forget

Why not head to a farm park for the day? With so more families living in our cities and built up areas, the detachment between the food we enjoy and where it actually comes from has never been more alarming, did you know that one in five kids believe that cow?s milk comes straight from the fridge or a supermarket.

Visit a historic site

Check out one of the UK’s many historic sites such as a castle or fort. Kids simply can?t resist the grandeur and romanticism of our beautiful castles, with parapets to peer over, spooky dungeons to explore and turrets to climb.

What?s even better, if you time it right, many historical locations offer re-enactments of old battles or story to spark their imagination. ?Check out the many?English Heritage?castles we have listed who will be hosting breathtaking tournaments with knights jousting and battling in full armour on horseback.

A theme park

Kids love the thrill of fast and furious rides that whip them around. If you want to make the most of you day, and spend less time queuing, it?s worth looking out for deals on fast track tickets which gets you to the front of the ques quicker. ?Before you head off, make sure the park is suitable to your children?s age, size and courage factor.

Head for the seaside

Britain?s beaches are glorious and beautiful, so whether you yearn for a traditional seaside day out with ice-cream, donkey rides and buckets and spades or a breezy stroll along an empty shore searching for shells and sharks? teeth, the U.K beaches are the ideal destination all year round.

If your feeling brave and it?s not too chilly, why not try a water based activity together like body boarding , kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.

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Be prepared and minimise the chance of any upsets with our day trip must haves.

  • Bottles of water
  • A picnic – It?s always going to be much cheaper to bring your own food instead of paying restaurant prices, plus the added bonus of no ques and be able to pick your perfect eating spot.
  • Snacks ? There?s nothing worse than rumbling tums, so some carefully hidden snacks are ideal for when energy levels run low.
  • A small first aid kit of plasters, tweezers and aspirin for those just in case moment
  • Ready packed anoraks, sun cream and sun hats – You never can tell what the British weather?s going to blow.

Finally, make sure everyone has been to the loo, ss wearing comfortable shoes and you that?s it, you?re all set to enjoy an amazing day out with the family.



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